Dog Walking – More than just a walk in the park

Everyone wishes they could spend more time with their pets, but unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way.

  • We offer a full range of services from daily walks to at home care.
  • Turner & Pooch will make sure your dogs receive the exercise they need during the walk.
  • We can arrange to walk your dog in a group or by itself if it has issues with other dogs.
  • We can pick your dog up and take your dog to a secure area for off lead socialisation with other dogs.
  • One hour walks – ½ hour walks. Whatever you need we can accommodate your requirements
  • Turner & Pooch provide a professional and fully insured individual and group dog walks in South East Essex.

Turner & Pooch have years experience working with dogs (and other animals) and we take the greatest of care when we are given the responsibility of looking after your pets. We know they aren’t just a pet; they are part of your family.

The walks lasts for the whole hour and this does not include the drop off or pick up time, so rest assured your dog will be looked after whilst out with us. For new customers we keep dogs on leads until both the owner and handler are comfortable to let them off (we need your written permission for this).

All of my walks take place in a safe natural open place for dogs. On the walk your dog will be given tasty treats, a rub down, lots of love and cuddles!

We will send pictures on how your dog is getting on with other dogs in the pack. You will see your dog more content when you come home from work!

Call Nikki on 07889 646586 for a chat. Or e-mail

We create a safe, healthy and happy environment for dogs of all kinds. We will look after your dog or dogs for just one hour or for months on end. Just ask if there is a dog service you would like to have that is not listed. We will try to accommodate almost anything to please you and your dog!


  • Cathy Hornsby

    Can I say how grateful I am that Maggie has been with you a few times (ok she is not fond of traveling), but I met a lady today who said that she (Maggie) was more confident – you knew she is a very friendly dog. Today we walked up hillside and into the field – I let her off the lead and she had a whale of a time charging about. I gave her a whistle and she came straight back and was put on the lead. We then walked up to the big field behind Woodside met another dog and let her off the leash with the owners permission-and both dogs charged about for about ten minutes! Whistled her again – back on the lead after another quick charge about- then home and at present we are zonked out on the settee! She has. Definitely benefited from meeting other dogs and I will give up a call next week so she can have another session!
    Many thanks

  • Carole Williams

    What a find! Turner and Pooch gave us us comfort and assurance straight off from meeting Nikki and the team. We knew that our ‘boy’, would be looked after as if he was theirs. They cared about him and if was under the weather they gave me an update of how he was on his walk with them. They were available to help on any day we asked and to meet our needs within their capability which was always met.
    Excellent service. I don’t believe you’d get better anywhere else. Thank you, Nikki and team.

  • Happy Dog Owner

    Hi Nik!!! I actually can’t get over the pictures from today! I know my hormones are all over the place but they actually made me cry! Never in a million years would I expect to see him playing with a group that size without a muzzle! I hope he behaved himself! Please thank Laura for me

  • Little Man

    Hi Nikki &Andy….Thank you so much for organising today….Me and my little man have had a wonderful time…It really was glorious and to top it all the little man was well behaved and now shattered! Thanks again…Have a lovely evening x

  • Margaret

    “Hi Nikki please pass my thanks to Paula for looking after Riki and watering my plants. I am so pleased with Riki as last time i went away she got so stressed with Shana not being at home i had to take her to the vets but this time shes fine thank you so much Margaret x”