Andy has been working with dogs for nearly 30 years and have helped thousands of dog owners to understand how to get the best from them…

Although I am probably best known as a fixer of problem dogs, I have a background going back for years in most forms of training. I have taught classes ranging from puppy classes, obedience, agility, anti-social and aggressive dogs as well as 121 / home visits for many years and ALWAYS take the time to help handlers and owners who would be asked to leave or just pushed into a corner at most other training clubs. It always seems the people that need most help are often the ones receiving the least.

I have been involved with display training and have appeared in many television programmes and major shows throughout the UK including Crufts, Dogfest and All About Dogs.

Over the years I have worked with some of the best trainers in the world (and some of the worst) and have picked up tips and techniques from most of them so I can offer a variety of solutions to any training or behavioural issues you may have.

  • Professional Behaviourist / Dog Trainer
  • Personal 1-2-1 Dog Training – Dog behaviour Problems solved
  • Tracking Classes
  • Group Sessions – Obedience
  • Puppy Training
  • Agility Classes
  • Socialisation (off lead play time )

I have found the one size fits all attitude excludes quite a few owners from training; usually the ones that need most help. There are many techniques for training dogs, I will always try to find the best solution and I never turn anyone away – you need help – I will help!

Anti-Social behaviour is one of the most frustrating and upsetting things dog owners have to deal with. We all love our dogs, we would all like and expect our dogs to behave at home and outside and part of the family, however, it’s very hard not to fall out with your dog if it keeps attacking people, other dogs, or is just really annoying to you and everyone it meets.

Home visits and 121 sessions are focused on handling techniques and problem solving. Group classes are where you can practice there techniques in a controlled environment.

  • They both add value and you are able to do either or both
  • Some dogs are just really, really annoying
  • They can be sweet, loving, playful and show no signs of aggressive behaviour – just be a complete nightmare to live with

Home visits help dogs that are destructive in the home, separation anxiety, over exuberance and will also help with the control and behaviour whilst you are out on a walk.

I’m always happy to chat – Andy 07792 869653