In loving memory of Dodger who loved these walks

We offer these walks to provide interest and variety for all kinds of walkers and all of them are dog friendly!  They feature woodland, water, nature reserves, landscaped parkland, tranquil rivers and beaches, wide field edges, quiet meadows and open heathland.  They also include places of interest of an architectural or historical interest for the human companions which Andy and Nikki will try and explain as your guides!

Upcoming Doggy Daytrips 2019

  • Blackmore 6/7/19
  • Terling 20/7/19
  • Hatfield Heath 7/9/19
  • Colne Engaine 27/7/19
  • North weald basset 3/8/19
  • Bradwell 17/8/19

These circular walks are not the kind that people use to exercise their dogs in the morning or evening but have been chosen as an outing for you to enjoy with other like minded doggy people.

We have personally tested these walks with big and small dogs, old and young and they are all manageable but please ask for more information should you be concerned. They vary between 2 1/2 and 6 miles in the beautiful Essex countryside and have been designed for maximum off lead time and minimum exposure to roads.

To make the day complete, while the dogs are resting in your vehicles or if allowed in, we buy the first drink at the local pub and will have reserved seating for dinner for those that wish to stay (optional extra).

We are aware of the local veterinary surgeons should they be needed and carry a first aid kit.

On arrival at the meeting point we ask that you leave your dog in your vehicle until you have checked in, made payment, and confirmed your drink order and whether you will be staying for dinner.  This helps keep the noise level down for the local residents as the dogs will be very excited and speeds up the drink ordering on arrival at the pub as you will be ready for some refreshments by then!

Hopefully many of these locations will be new to you and will whet your appetite to return.

Places are limited so please contact Nikki to make a reservation 07889 646586. We look forward to seeing you soon

Terms and Conditions

You are fully responsible as dog owners for any injury or damage your dog may cause on these walks. Turner and Pooch ltd are not responsible for any disappearance, theft, death or otherwise and by attending these walks you are agreeing to these terms.  Any photographs taken may be used for future promotions of these walks and by attending these walks you are agreeing to this statement.

As I’m sure you are aware you must have your dog on a short lead when walking along roads. You do not have to have your dog on a lead when using public footpaths this is especially important in bridle ways where you might meet horses and cycles- you personally could be liable for damages should your dog cause an accident. We do not allow extending leads on these walks due to the number of dogs and handlers as there is a real danger of being tripped or entangled.  We also ask that antisocial dogs wear a muzzle at all times.

In the countryside the dog owner has a responsibility to avoid scaring farm animals or wildlife. You must also put your dog on lead where there are likely to be breeding birds or game birds and livestock.

In the case of cattle, avoid passing between cows and their calves. Cattle will sometimes show a great interest in dogs- if this becomes threatening release the dog and leave the field by the nearest exit, the dog will move faster than cattle and look after itself!

Always clear up after your dog and dispose of the mess responsibly- we do not want to be given a bad name by leaving plastic bags in fences and trees.

It is also a good idea to make sure your dog is wormed regularly to protect it, other animals and people.

Also please restrain your dog if we come across other walkers as they may not appreciate that they “are just being friendly”.